Helping Hands Basset Rescue

About Helping Hands Basset Rescue

We are a 501 (3)(c) not-for-profit, volunteer organization that is dedicated to saving the homeless basset hounds and basset mixes of Central Texas. Our organization gives bassets a second chance to live as they were intended - as someone's best friend. For more information about our rescue, check out the following frequently asked questions or contact us with yours.


How are you funded?

We are funded solely by donations.


Where does the money go?

100% of our donations are used to care for the basset hounds we rescue. All of our volunteers donate their time and resources to the organization. For more information about how to donate money or time, check out the information listed in the support tab.


Where do the dogs come from?

Each basset hound that joins the rescue pack has its own story. The bassets that come into our care are in need of rescue for a variety of reasons. Owners might need to surrender their dog due to divorce, or a job transfer, or financial hardships. Other times, we rescue strays that have been left to fend for themselves. Many times the bassets are too frightened to be placed in a new home right away, so our dedicated fosters step in to help them recover. 

We accept dogs from central Texas animal shelters, owner surrender, and those that are placed with our organization by the court system due to abuse and neglect.


Why do you only rescue basset hounds?

Each breed has its own specific needs based on personality traits, physical requirements, adoptability, etc. Our volunteers are most familiar with and passionate about the basset hound breed which helps us to better understand their needs and have the best chance at finding them their furever homes.


What does the rescue journey look like?


Phone call

Phone call

The rescue journey starts with a phone call. Our volunteers work with owner surrenders, the court system, and shelters. When we get the phone call, we quickly make our way to the dog in need.

Typical cost from shelter: $20-80



Our first stop with the dog is to the vet. Our vet, Forest Creek Animal Hospital, does a complete physical of each dog to ensure that they are healthy. They pinpoint any issues and immediately start any required medications.

Typical costs:

Exam and shots: $100-200

Demodectic mange: $275-400

Heartworm: $350-475

Spay or neuter: $180-250


Foster home

When the dogs come into our care, many of them are weak, ill, and frightened. Some of them have been abused and mistreated and are not ready to be placed with their forever families. Each dog makes a pitstop to stay with a foster family while they begin to heal from the trauma they've experienced. Our fosters work with each of the dogs to help them learn to love again, find their personalities, and help us to place each dog with their perfect family.

In the event that a foster is not available, the dog must be boarded.

Typical cost: $12 per day


Meet and greet

During their time with a foster family, the bassets attend biweekly meet and greets to get to know potential new families. Anyone with an interest in a specific dog can come to meet them and see if they click.


A new home

As a rescue, we are very careful about the homes that are selected for our dogs. It is our job to advocate for the welfare of the bassets who have already lost the security of their original homes. After all of the paperwork is filed and an adoption is a closer possibility, our dogs usually attend a sleepover with their new families. This helps our adopters to understand how the basset will fit into their home life. A dog might do more than one overnight visit but we try to limit the number as it can cause separation anxiety for those that can't cope well. 

When all is said and done, our basset is placed in a loving home where they are allowed to live out the rest of their life.